Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Simple Guide to Booking Holidays on the Internet

The growth of the holiday industry can be linked to the growth of the internet and the ability of holiday makers to book their holidays on line. Booking vacations is so easy to do on the internet and there are now many specialist direct holiday booking companies who make the process of booking holidays so much stress free.

One of the handy things about booking on line is that you can read what other holiday makers have written who have booked vacations on line at the property you are considering booking. This is extremely helpful in booking your holidays as it gives you an unbiased view of somebody who has already booked their holiday here before. This then gives the confidence to go ahead with booking your breaks as you know that other people have stayed at and enjoyed the place that you are about to book for your own holidays.

Direct Holidays

The owner will then get an email alerting them to the fact that somebody wants to book a vacation with them. They will check to see that there is no clash of dates with booking your breaks and will email you back to confirm that the dates for your vacation booking are available. If you then want to go ahead and book your holidays you can book by paying a deposit.

Several weeks before the holiday is due you will complete your vacation booking by paying the outstanding balance on the holiday. Once you have booked your holidays on line the owner will send you detailed instructions for finding the property and also where to get the key to get in. The great thing about booking holidays on line is that it is so easy to use.

Booking holidays on the internet has never been easier. There is a tremendous selection of places for you to book your holidays. It has made booking your vacations an easy and stress free event. You can now book your holidays with confidence and not worry what you are going to experience when you arrive at your holiday destination. By booking vacations on line you are going to get a great choice of vacation and one that will be cheaper than booking a holiday the old fashioned way.

By booking vacations on line you are greatly reducing the cost of your vacation. When you book your holidays on the internet you are cutting out the middle man and the end result is that the holiday that you book works out far cheaper. You are also able to compare the cost of booking holidays on line with other similar holidays. This enables you to search not only for the best quality break when booking a break on the internet but also the best value.

You can now see that booking holidays on line has many advantages and is a very rewarding way to book a holiday. Not only do you get a great deal when booking vacations on line, you also get a lot of fun and satisfaction when researching it. It is now possible to involve the whole family when booking your holidays on the internet. That way when booking your vacations you know that your whole family is going to have a great vacation.

A Simple Guide to Booking Holidays on the Internet

Monday, October 3, 2011

Direct Mail Fundraising Letters - 41 Things You Can Mail to Donors

Want to learn a
lesson in direct mail fundraising from Winston
Churchill? He once observed that a fanatic
is "someone who can't change his mind and won't
change the subject."

A fundraising letter
fanatic, of course, is someone who thinks the only
thing you can mail a donor is a fundraising letter. But
that's just one of more than 40 things you can mail to
make friends and raise funds using paper and

Direct Holidays

Acquisition package: Designed to attract new donors. Welcome kit: An assortment of informational pieces and a cover letter, mailed to first- time donors, welcoming them to your organization and your cause. Thank-you letter: The most important letter in direct mail fundraising, and they should never ask for gifts. Renewal letter: Designed to persuade last year's donors to renew their support again this year. Member renewal letter: Mailed by member-based organizations to members whose membership is about to expire and must be renewed. Reminder letter: Mailed a few weeks after your appeal letter, encouraging donors who have not responded to give. Popular at year-end. Lapsed donor recovery letter: Mailed to donors who have not given a gift in 12 months or more, inviting them back on the train. Monthly donor conversion letter: Mailed to annual donors (those who respond to your annual appeals), inviting them to join (convert to) your monthly giving program. Special appeal: Mailed during the year to raise funds for a special cause, often an emergency, such as a natural disaster. Year-end appeal: Letters that capitalize on the year-end tax advantages and "spirit of the season" of Christmas. Upgrade letter: Appeals that invite donors to increase the dollar amount (and sometimes frequency) of their gifts. Donor club invitation: Letters that invite high-dollar donors to join a President's Circle or other exclusive donor group. Legacy gift prospecting letter: Mailed to a select group in your house file, asking if they are interested in making a planned gift (bequest, charitable remainder trust, and so on). Special event invitation: A card or letter inviting donors and potential donors to a golf tournament, banquet, concert or other fundraising event. Newsletter: Sent to current donors to inform them of how your organization is using their donations to change the world. Annual report: Usually mailed to major donors, loyal donors and donors with influence. Survey: Designed to solicit the opinions of donors and prospective donors. Petition: Mailed by advocacy organizations (Amnesty International and Mother Against Drunk Driving, for example) to donors, inviting them to complete and mail the petitions, usually to a person in federal government. Member-get-a-member letter: mailed by member-based organizations, inviting members to recruit new members to the organization. Pledge appeal: Usually sent during capital campaigns, these appeals ask recipients to pledge a larger-than-normal gift (for the donor, that is) towards the campaign, a pledge that is usually honored by the donor by making a number of gifts over a period of a year or two. Congratulatory card: Mailed to donors on the occasion of the donors' wedding anniversary, birthday or other special event. Testimonial: Written endorsements from clients or donors or others affected by the work of your organization, usually accompanying an appeal letter. Plaque: Sent to faithful or particularly generous donors as a sign of your gratitude for their extraordinary support. Gift catalog: Describing through pictures and text the items that donors can buy from your organization to support your work (a goat for a family in India, for example). Resource catalog: Describes the books, DVDs and other educational materials that donors can order to educate themselves and others about your cause and the people you help. Matching gift appeal: Invites donors to give gifts that, collectively, match a large gift made by another donor. Newspaper clipping: Has your charity received favorable press recently? Mail a copy of the article to your donors (with the newspaper's permission). Quiz: Do you want to stir the imaginations of your donors, particularly if they are under the age of 12? Mail them a quiz that gets them thinking about a vital subject (climate change, poverty, nuclear war, homelessness, for example). Factsheet: Sometimes you need to give your donors statistics and facts and figures, maybe even a history of your organization. Put these into a factsheet. Special report: Dealing with a hot and timely topic that will galvanize your constituents. Calendar: Special calendar that highlights special events of yours and days during the year that are of interest to you and your donors. Special event teaser: Postcards or other short notices that pique the curiosity of your supporters about upcoming events. Photographs: Mailed to donors to show the before-and-after results of their generosity. Premium: Return address labels, notepads and other incentives designed to persuade the recipients to donate. Freemium: Items enclosed with a direct mail appeal that have no intrinsic value, but help you communicate your appeal in a tangible, memorable way. A hospital, for example, might enclose a facsimile of a patient bracelet once worn by a young cancer survivor. Involvement device: Scratch-off cards, checkboxes and other devices that involve the donor in meaningful ways and encourage a donation. Brochure: Shows in pictures and words what you cannot discuss in the body of your letter. Reprint: Has your CEO just given a speech to the United Nations? Transcribe the speech and mail it to your donors (assuming your CEO is a dynamic speaker, of course!). Progress report: Mailed to donors, usually major donors, who have designated their gifts to a particular project, and who need to be kept informed about your progress with their money. Follow-up note: Mailed after you've phoned your donor or made a personal visit, usually to thank the donor. Income tax receipt: The more of these you have to mail each year, the better, right?

Direct Mail Fundraising Letters - 41 Things You Can Mail to Donors

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flights From Edinburgh and Holidays From Edinburgh Airport

With Ryanair now offering a great range of Edinburgh flights to and from Edinburgh Airport to over sixteen destinations throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, there are lots of flight options from Edinburgh Airport.

This range of Edinburgh flights available now offers travelers and holidaymakers a great new choice of destinations ideal for city breaks, business trips and a traditional holiday in the sun.

Direct Holidays

If you book early enough you could pick up a great bargain priced flight from Edinburgh. Combine this with some cheap accommodation and you could have a short break in destinations like Dublin, Stockholm, Pisa or even Frankfurt.Traditional holiday destinations such as Benidorm on the Costa Blanca and Fuengirola in the Costa Del Sol are also available. You could join the goring number of people who travel abroad two, three or more times a year. It is becoming more and more popular to have extra shorter vacations than a traditional two week one in the same hotel and resort.

If you don't want to go overseas you could fly to Bournemouth from Edinburgh and enjoy a traditional British holiday in the south of England. There are lots of good hotels in Bournemouth as well as small bed and breakfast guest houses.

Remember that for longer durations you will more than likely take more baggage and therefore require to check-in at Edinburgh airport. This costs extra to check-in and also to take luggage, however if you book early enough or get a special offer for traveling on an off peak date this will more than compensate for any extra costs involved. If you are going away for a short break cabin baggage is the best option as there is no need to check-in or pay any extra costs. This is cheaper for the airline and cheaper for you.If you have ever wanted to see Edinburgh's famous castle or experience the world famous Edinburgh Festival you can also get a cheap flight to Edinburgh and enjoy a cheap short break in Scotland's capital city. So if you live in Spain, Ireland, Poland, France, Italy, Sweden or one of the many other countries with direct flights to Edinburgh a Scottish short break is a great option for you.

Flights From Edinburgh and Holidays From Edinburgh Airport

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Current Trends in Trade Show Presentations

Trade shows can make or break a company's success. So it is no wonder that companies spend a tremendous amount of effort to ensure their marketing strategy and booth presentation are designed to maximize lead generation and sales.

Because the marketplace is an ever-shifting entity, marketing methods must also change over time. Those in charge of creating a company's trade show exhibit should pay close attention to trends in the industry that effect exhibit planning. A planner who is up-to-date with these trends enhances the company's success by creating a trade show display that reflects the changing market.

Direct Holidays

The following points are some current trends in trade show exhibitions:

1. Relationships are key. The success of an event is now not only measured in new leads or sales, but also in building current customer relationships. Current customers appreciate special pre-show meetings, leading to progressive sales.

2. Presentation, presentation, presentation. Current and prospective customers appreciate an air of professionalism that goes beyond your demeanor. Custom tablecloths are increasingly used to create a dramatic display for the product, demonstrating the company's expertise.

3. Time is limited for attendees. This means that purchasing decisions are made in multiple meetings a day. Trade show attendees are staying longer at shows to get as much done as possible. As a result, they are browsing less and evaluating specific products more.

4. Technology. New registration technology equipped with smart cards, bar coding, and magnetic strips expedite the registration process. These innovations save attendees and sponsors time and effort. Also, this technology allows exhibitors to measure quality as well as quantity with better tracking of prospect data and traffic flow.

Be sure to keep these trends in mind when planning for your next trade show. By focusing on customer relationships, having a dynamite display booth, making time for specific attendees, and staying current with the latest technology, you can steam ahead of the competition.

Current Trends in Trade Show Presentations

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Enjoy Your Next Summer Holiday in Auckland

An unbeatable summer holiday location in New Zealand would have to be Auckland. If visiting from overseas or domestically via the airport, a great way of getting around is to hire your own transportation.

Finding car rental in Auckland New Zealand is going to be quite a simple task. This is the largest city in New Zealand, offering plenty of options so that you can get the car that you need. Once you book your vehicle and are ready to hit the city, you might be wondering where to go or what you can do for fun. In the summer, Auckland has something for just about everyone. There are plenty of attractions, events, and destinations worth a visit while you are in town. The city is widespread and divided into 4 major regions and therefore having access to a car makes getting around much easier for tourists and locals alike.

Direct Holidays

If you're looking for fun summer spots in Auckland there are plenty to choose from. After you pick up your car rental in Auckland New Zealand you can head over to any of the parks throughout the city, where you will find a constant array of festivals, events, music shows, and more. If you want some culture, head over to the Summer Shakespeare series on the Auckland University campus, or the Film Festival that is held every July.

Depending on your budget and interests there is plenty to see and do while you are in Auckland. You can visit the local museum and art gallery if you want to get indoors for a little bit, or Rainbow's End amusement park, or the Auckland Zoo for a glimpse of some great wildlife and a fun family day out and about.

If you are looking for water sports and other activities, head to the North Shore City region where you can find plenty of different marine attractions and events to keep you entertained during the summer months. Of course, because of the location of Auckland you can head anywhere out of the city and run into water, giving you plenty of options for outdoor adventures and water-based attractions and activities.

All of the fun summer activities that you have planned will surely work up an appetite so be sure to check out some of the great restaurants in and around Auckland city. We recommend checking out some of the award winners from the 2010 Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards including Antoine's Restaurant, Cable Bay Vineyards, Cibo, Coco's Cantina and Delicious Restaurant.

The long sunny days and warm summer evenings make a holiday in Auckland a very enjoyable one indeed.

Enjoy Your Next Summer Holiday in Auckland

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holiday Cranberry Party Punch Recipes

During the holiday season, we like to entertain friends and family members here at our home. Along with our traditional holiday spread of delicious food, I like to serve a cranberry holiday punch.

You will need to purchase a large punch bowl and cups to serve the following recipes. You can use traditional flavored ice as explained at the end of each recipe or you can make an ice ring mold to keep it cold.

Direct Holidays

How To Make An Ice Ring Mold:

Making an ice ring is really easy. Buy an inexpensive gelatin ring mold, fill the mold with punch juice and freeze for several hours. Remove the ice mold from the ring and add it to your bowl before pouring in the punch juice. Making an ice ring mold from punch juice keeps your party punch from getting watered down, which is what would happen if you use traditional ice.

Cranberry Mixed Fruit Punch

1 quart bottle 7-Up soda

1 pint cranberry cocktail

12 ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate

12 ounce can frozen pineapple concentrate

1 quart raspberry sherbet

In a large punch bowl, combine all of the above ingredients together in the order that they are given. All ingredients should be chilled or cold before placing into the bowl.

Punch Bowl Ice: Take 4 ice cube trays and purchase an additional bottle of cranberry juice. Pour juice into the ice cube trays and freeze. Use cranberry ice in your bowl so that your punch doesn't get watered down.

Cranberry Apple Punch

1 large bottle cranberry juice

1 large bottle apple juice

12 ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate

6 ounce can frozen pineapple juice concentrate

6 ounce can frozen grapefruit juice concentrate

2 liter bottle lemon-lime soda

Pour all ingredients together into a large punch bowl in the order that they are given in the recipe. All ingredients should be chilled or cold before placing into the punch bowl.

Punch Bowl Ice: Take 4 ice cube trays and purchase an additional bottle of apple juice. Pour juice into the ice cube trays and freeze. Use apple ice in your punch bowl so that your punch doesn't get watered down.

Holiday Cranberry Party Punch Recipes

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

National Cookie Day - Time to Celebrate

Just when you thought you had heard of all the lesser known holidays, someone invents another one. While you likely won't find any cards at your local Hallmark, there are a few people out there who celebrate National Cookie Day. This obscure cookie holiday occurs every year on December 4. In deference to the cookie, here is a little history on this venerable dessert treat.

The English word "cookie" is derived from the Dutch word "koekje," which means little cake. Bakers used to place a small amount of cake batter in the oven to test the temperature. They soon discovered that these little bits of cooked batter were quite tasty on their own, and the cookie was born!

Direct Holidays

The humble cookie has evolved a lot since then, and now there are hundreds of varieties baked across the world every day, from the classic chocolate chip to more exotic offerings with caramel, macadamia nuts, dried fruits and more. Cookies can be broadly classified into 3 categories. First are "drop" cookies. These are aptly named because the batter is dropped onto the cookie sheet. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin are all examples of drop cookies. Second are "rolled" cookies. Rolled cookies are rolled out like pie dough, and then cut-out using a cutter. Sugar cookies are the most popular rolled cookies, followed closely by gingerbread. Rolled cookies may also be "rolled up" into a cylinder and then sliced off and baked. Rolled cookies bake up firmer and flatter than drop cookies, and are therefore ideal for personalizing with icing and other toppings. Third are pressed cookies. For pressed cookies, the dough is loaded into a cookie press, and then extruded, typically using various dies to create interesting shapes. Spritz cookies are the most common pressed cookie variety. Some also consider bars and brownies as a fourth cookie variety, since the ingredients are very similar, and the resultant treats are typically cut into single serving sizes.

Cookies are a multi-billion dollar industry in the US, ranging from packaged cookies at the grocery store to fresh-baked cookies at the mall, and even Internet bakeries that ship direct to your or your gift recipients. So this year when December 4 comes around, remember this humble little cake by munching on one or by sending a cookie gift to your loved ones.

National Cookie Day - Time to Celebrate